Then you MUST get this book!

It is designed to transform your ability to express yourself freely, communicate more powerfully, eliminate fear - and take your speaking and presentation skills to a whole new level. Every time you read it you will find something new to take away, contemplate and integrate into your life to make it better than ever before.

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Ready to Experience Phenomenal Growth and Success?

If you wish to feel empowered, gain confidence in your ability to communicate as a speaker or performer, and develop the courage to go after your dreams, Suzann Rye's book is a must have!
She reveals the secrets to performance success and connecting one's voice with their inner self. Her positive attitude shines through and inspires the reader to manifest greatness beautifully and powerfully.

Suzann will show you how to connect with the multi-dimensional strength of your voice and your ability to perform through daily practice, voice exercises, clarifying your goals, meditation, visualization, affirmations, and much more. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that is ready to experience phenomenal growth and success not only in speaking and the performing arts, but in any arena of every day life!
Get your copy today!

Cari LaGrange Murphy, Best Selling Inspirational and Spiritual Author and Empowerment Mentor Worldwide  
Profound Insight!

Suzann’s book offers profound insight that gently opens our minds to the splendor and intricacy of public speaking and personal truth. She introduces a fresh, holistic re-orientation to the significance and value of staying true to our authentic ‘voice’ and relinquishing limiting beliefs. Her infectious spirit, unbounded optimism, and superb intellect shine through each chapter, and I am more aware that when we internalize our ability to connect and communicate with our authentic voice, it becomes our powerful ally not only for public speaking, but in any context of our life.

Lucy Beal, M.S., N.C.C., "America's Optimism Coach," Author of Marriage Under Construction, Motivational Speaker and founder, "Optimistic Hearts of America" Campaign

If you answered yes to ANY of the above questions, then this book is a godsend for you.
It is a must-read for anyone who is ready to be a powerful voice and share their wisdom, knowledge, love and vision with the world and impact lives.

If you are serious about impacting your world and achieving wonderful results, success and fulfillment, then now is the time for you to make a tiny investment that will guarantee a hugely beneficial return!

Order your copy now and instantly receive FREE audios

Discover AMAZING Potential Within Yourself!

As a coach and counselor, and someone who works with both kids and grown ups to help them open up and express themselves more freely, I can honestly say that Suzann Rye’s book is the most amazing tool that I have EVER come across! It goes far beyond the boundaries of just teaching people how to present and use their voice. This book will help you discover amazing potential within yourself and explore possibilities you never thought possible.
I have been familiar with Suzann Rye's work for quite some time, and have used her techniques not only in my own life – I use them with my clients too. The results that I've had so far have been astonishing.
If you want to make a great investment in yourself and your future, this should be it.

Sue Kemp, Entrepreneur, Coach & Counselor
Be prepared to Take Your Life and Your Speaking Skills to a New Level!

What a fantastic book—simply packed with valuable lessons! There are many self-help books, programs, and systems that exist today. But this is really something fresh, exciting, and entertaining.
Not only do I highly recommend this book for speakers and personal development teachers, but also for anyone prepared to take their life and their speaking skills to a new level. Reward yourself by bringing the messages of this book into your life.

Douglas Vermeeren, North America’s Achievement Expert, Creator of The Opus
Host of the television show; Success Factor,Creator of The Opus

Your Voice Is Your Calling Card goes far beyond your typical speaker and performance training.
It teaches you from the inside out and reveals proven methods to connect and communicate heart to heart. And it’s about building confidence – the kind of confidence that allows you to speak in you own unique and authentic voice at any time.

Wouldn't you love to always speak with JOY, EASE and CONVICTION?!

I will take you by the hand and guide you through the entire process. When you’re done, your physical voice will be TRANSFORMED and your "little voice", the powerful, true voice inside of you, will speak louder and clearer than ever before - guaranteed!

If you have a message, something that you feel passionate about that you would like to share with the world; how YOU show up, determines if your message gets through to people – or not...
Learn how to be your absolute best and SHOW UP POWERFULLY every time.

Order your copy now and instantly receive FREE audios

YOU have a true, unique and powerful voice. It speaks from the deepest core of your being and enables you to offer true value, service and contribution to the lives of others.
Share your wisdom, knowledge and inspiration with the people that are waiting for YOUR words.
Use YOUR voice to make a difference in the world.

Your Voice Is Your Calling Card; How to Power-Charge Your Voice, Boost Your Confidence,
And Speak with Joy, Ease, and Conviction
is jam-packed with valuable guidelines, exercises, tips and tools designed to help you become a masterful, authentic speaker and communicator who speaks from the heart to hearts of others.

It’s easier than you think and it will make you FEEL wonderful to touch people’s hearts, impact their lives and make a profound difference.

Order your copy now and instantly receive FREE audios

A Wonderful Guidebook!

Suzann Rye has produced a wonderful guidebook for anybody who relies on their voice.
In particular, the section on vocal training provides an incredibly comprehensive explanation of the many aspects of voice quality and provides a full set of exercises allowing them to be developed.

As a speaker and trainer, I have previously bought several self-help programs in this area, and this one is quite simply the best of them.

Michael Nicholas, Author of Being the Effective Leader  

Millions of people suffer terribly from fear of speaking in public or simply speaking up in front of other people. As a result they never get the chance to truly shine and share their gifts and inspiration with the world.

Don’t let this happen to you. If you ever suffered from nerves, performance anxiety or stage fright, here is your chance to conquer these unpleasant feelings for good and finally allow yourself the freedom to be who you really are – even in the spotlight.

On top, learn everything you will ever need to know about your voice, how to uncover its potential, and get the absolute best out of it.
Your Voice IS Your Calling Card; it represents who you are, what you are, and how you are at any time. This can either work to your advantage – or to your disadvantage.

Make your voice your strongest ally.
Use it to inspire people, to teach, to motivate or compel them into action.
Speak from your heart to the hearts of others.
Be a remarkable, powerful and dynamic communicator - make your voice heard!

Your Voice Is Your Calling Card; How to Power-Charge Your Voice, Boost Your Confidence,
And Speak with Joy, Ease, and Conviction
is the ultimate virtual coach.
It is jam-packed with valuable guidelines and tools designed to improve your speaking and communication skills quickly and easily.
It is specially designed to help you learn, grow, and accomplish your goals much faster.

Order your copy now and instantly receive FREE audios

A 'Must Add' for Every Speaker’s Library!

The holistic approach to voice training offered in this book will benefit speakers looking to break free of formulaic approaches to overcoming speech fright that just don’t work. A 'must add' for every speaker’s library.

Susan Berkley, Author of Speak to Influence: How to Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Voice.  
The Title of This Book is an Understatement!

Suzann goes far and above sharing her expertise on how to develop your unique voice. I had fun ‘belting’ and projecting and de-frogging my voice thanks to her invaluable lessons.
But I think the title of her book is an understatement. True, she teaches you how to use your voice most effectively and shares the importance of learning all of this, but what I really enjoyed most was the heart Suzann puts into every page.

Her lessons on creating your finest, most tuned voice is easy to follow with her instruction and exercise. However, what I love most about her book is her personal passion and dedication to the reader that takes you far beyond your voice.

Her inspiring words of encouragement and life instructions on following your own personal ‘calling’, triggers action and motivation.
A standing ovation for Suzann!

Gail Foley, Relationship Marketing Coach, Speaker and Trainer, Author of Stop the Ride – Taming The Emotional Roller Coaster (release 8/09)  

Order your copy now and instantly receive FREE audios

If you struggle with lack of confidence, speaking to a room full of people can be daunting experience!
If you suffer from stage fright, if your voice gets stuck and seems to take on a rebellious life of its own when you’re trying to express yourself or if your voice simply ”dries out”, gets hoarse or tires when you speak too often or for too long… what do you do?!
How do you get past this – how can you build your confidence and overcome these fears?

Well, first of all, let me tell you that you are NOT alone. MILLIONS of people share your problem.
Luckily, help is at hand…
The proven system that I have used with my clients for years, is exactly the same system that I have included in Your Voice Is Your Calling Card. This system has helped people time and again to overcome fears, nerves and stage fright once and for all!

It can help you too.

Enjoy the ability to express yourself freely, authentically, and powerfully and become an even more charismatic and inspiring communicator.

I'm Ready - Get my copy + FREE audio bonuses now!

(Details on how to claim at the end of the page)

Beyond Speaker Training - Connect and Communicate Heart to Heart!

Your Voice Is Your Calling Card goes beyond any conventional book on speaker training that I’ve come across so far.
It is about communication—how to connect and communicate heart to heart. And it’s about building confidence—the kind of confidence that allows you to speak in your own voice, both literally and metaphorically.

As a child safety expert, I know the ideas presented by Suzann in this book need to be embraced and used by every parent on the planet! I say this because I know that confident kids are less of a target for childhood predators of any kind.
Confidence is learned from and nurtured by parents. Mom and Dad need to be the best they can be before they have a prayer of teaching their child to be the best they can be—and this book will help them do just that.

Joyce Jackson, Child Safety Expert, #1 International Best-selling Author, Consultant, and Speaker 

Your Voice is Your Calling Card offers a complete coaching program that will help you release fears, build confidence, discover the full potential of your physical voice, and allow the real, authentic YOU to come out.

Speaking in your own voice will...
Make your presence much more powerful
Make your message more compelling
Make your connection with the audience much stronger

This connection will open hearts and minds and allow your message to be heard and appreciated like never before.

Speaking in a strong physical voice will...
Command respect and attention
Keep your listeners excited
Exude confidence and expertise
Keep your voice healthy and eliminate voice problems forever

Isn't it time for you to share your message, to truly be able to contribute and get the attention and the respect that you deserve?

Order your copy now and instantly receive FREE audios

Be Inspired and Empowered!

Suzann Rye has designed a course which will absolutely inspire and empower you. In a step-by-step approach, she helps you discover and connect with your true voice—the real you, or the Dream Character, as she calls it.

Your Voice Is Your Calling Card touches on the spiritual, the emotional, and the physical aspects of performance, allowing you to create an authentic, harmonious, and whole stage persona.
Learn from Suzann’s twenty years of stage experience, and let her help you find your Dream Character.

Roger N Quevillon, M.Msc, Bestselling Co-Author of Living in Clarity, from the best selling series, Wake Up Live The Life You Love.  

Using the full potential of your voice really means two things…
There is your physical voice that is operated by your body and is clearly audible to everyone –
and then there is your voice, as in who you are and what you project energetically.
You are always transmitting something – so you are always communicating, even when you don’t mean to, and even when you are not aware of it.

What kind of energy is behind your words?
Do you speak with a balanced, clear and strong energy - or do you sometimes communicate mixed messages when you speak?
Is the message behind the message telling a different story than the one you are attempting to communicate?

The way you present yourself and the way your voice carries your message across are crucial to how you are perceived, no matter what the actual content of your message is, regardless of your expertise. This means that it is not just important what you say – it is also how you say it and who is saying it.

We obviously want people to realize how wonderful and amazing we are and how valuable our service is.
This is why, to be truly great communicators we simply have to look the full picture.
Practical skills are not always enough. We need a more holistic approach.

Well, you’re in luck - now you can have it all in one neat comprehensive package!

Order your copy now and instantly receive FREE audios

Full Coverage for Your Mind, Body, AND Spirit!

Take Suzann Rye’s advice: learn how to make friends with your voice!
This program is full coverage for your mind, body, and spirit.
Benefit from all the practical examples, exercises, and wealth of information this unique package offers.
Add power, sparkle, and an inner smile to your performance AND your life! Enjoy!

Margaret Jankowsky, Speaker, Intercultural Communication Trainer and Coach
Put Your 'Best Voice' Forward!

In Your Voice Is Your Calling Card, Suzann Rye tackles your fears, expands your comfort zone, and emphasizes several breathing/projection exercises to improve your delivery.
After she builds your confidence and your stage presence and you think there is nothing more, she digs down deeper to help you discover and remove what is holding you back. Suzann’s book will definitely help you put your 'best voice' forward in all situations.

Mark Cravens, Author of The Ten Commandments of Investing; Discover Ten Keys to Find High-Return Investments, Without Losing Your Hard-Earned Money. 

From worldwide singing sensation to #1 Bestselling Author, international speaker, teacher and coach and a renowned expert on voice and performance training, Suzann Rye has come a long way and lived a remarkable life. As a young child she promised her grandmother to always listen to her heart and follow her dreams for only this, said her grandmother, would truly fulfill her and make her the best that she could be.
Now Suzann is here to help you do the same.

Suzann has worked all over the world. As a teacher and a coach, she has helped thousands of people find their voices and transform their lives. She has been teaching and coaching for nearly twenty-five years in colleges and at seminars and workshops internationally.
Your Voice is Your Calling Card is the culmination of Suzann Rye’s many years of experience.
It is the ultimate Body, Mind, Soul – and Voice coaching solution.

Get it here

(Details on how to claim your FREE audio bonuses coming up)

A Teacher’s Teacher

As both musician and university lecturer, I know the importance of truly communicating and connecting with your audience – and how important finding your own voice is to achieving your goals in any sphere of life. What I learnt from Suzann has stayed with me, and proved just as useful from behind the lectern as it did onstage.
Suzann is a wonderfully generous human being: she is truly the teacher’s teacher.

A.P Langman, PhD, University Lecturer, Author, Journalist  
Complete Mentoring!

I am speechless! And not because Suzann cautioned me to rest my voice—but because she took her valuable time to address my specific problems and with such depth and knowledge.

What a treasure she is to those of us fortunate enough to have her as our teacher. Her advice took me far beyond what might NEVER have happened had I gone on without it. Her complete mentoring approach is so evident in its success. All hidden stumbling blocks are all brought into the light.

Thank you Suzann from the bottom of my heart and soul for the tender, caring way you enfold your students with advice that treats the whole person—physically and emotionally. Only a truly dedicated and unselfish mentor could give from so deep within. What a blessing you truly are and I know that I am not alone in receiving your gifts. The beauty of your giving soul is gorgeous! With loving gratitude.

Elinor Pierce, aka Laurie Allyn, jazz artist/vocalist.  
Total Transformation!

A few years ago I was a very different person that I am now. I had very low self-esteem. I felt something deep inside of me, an urge to LIVE, to BE more and to express what I felt was my true self to the world – but I was afraid.

Then I came across a voice workshop run by Suzann. My life has never since been the same. What I learned in that workshop (and the following three) completely set me on a totally new course.

Suzann Rye is the most amazing teacher I have ever come across. She has the ability to build on people’s confidence beyond anything you could possibly imagine. She literally helped me change my whole life around.

Suzann’s work goes far beyond the boundaries of just teaching people how to use their voice. For the first time in my life I experienced what it meant to really be heard. I discovered potential within myself that far exceeded any expectations I had when I first went for voice training.

I am now a very successful coach in my own right. I have gone from being a stay at home wife and mom – to running several successful businesses, being involved with a state funded project for challenged kids, being headhunted for a huge overseas venture, and setting up a TV show! My life has literally transformed - all in a few years time.

Suzann made me explore endless possibilities, and gave me the confidence and self-belief that I needed to grow.

I’m not ever going back to that fearful person that I once was – I’m gonna live life FULLY for the rest of my days! I found MY voice.

Sue Kemp, Entrepreneur, Coach and Counselor.  

Perhaps you are already used to being in the spotlight?
Many people feel that they need some help and encouragement in dealing with the ever growing pressure that naturally comes with being a person of public interest or someone that other people look to for solutions and advice.

Always performing at your best, while tackling multiple other tasks, is challenging for anyone.
Learn how to maintain a calm, centered, and focused state of mind in spite of any outside pressures.
Once you experience the advantages of communicating from this place you will never want to operate in any other way.

Order your copy now and instantly receive FREE audios

Perhaps you’re thinking, why bother learning about your physical voice – anyone knows how to breathe correctly and talk, right?
Most people breathe only superficially, especially if they’re stressed or nervous. This is referred to as shallow breathing. Shallow breathing impairs the voice function, and creates blockages and even more nervous energy on top.
You don’t need this! Learn simple steps how to breathe properly and fuel your body, mind – and voice.

Your voice can make all the difference between a winning performance and a catastrophic one.
Proper voice technique is simply a must for anyone using their voice professionally.
Ironically many speakers completely ignore caring for their instrument and as a result struggle with voice problems – especially during busy times.
This is totally unnecessary. Just a few tips can put your voice in a league of its own.

Sounds great - get it now!

(Details on how to claim your special FREE audios coming up)

A Profound Understanding of the Holistic Dimension of the Voice!

I met Suzann Rye during a seminar on the power of the voice. I was amazed by her profound understanding of the mechanics of the vocal instrument, but perhaps even more importantly, I realized what a remarkable advocate of the holistic dimension of the voice she is.
This book contains a wealth of practical knowledge. It is both helpful and inspiring. I invite you to let Suzann be your guide in this fascinating journey to discover your own inner voice and build it step by step to make it 'your calling card'.

Nabil Doss, Speaker, Voice Specialist, and Narrator, President 2008–2009, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Montreal Chapter

Your Voice is Your Calling Card offers a unique training program that covers all the important aspects of strong and healthy voice performance.
Discover the simple but effective changes that you can make right now which will turn an average speech or performance into an extraordinary one.

Realize the true potential of your voice and enjoy the advantages of a powerful, dynamic, pleasant, warm and balanced voice that will remain strong and powerful at all times.

Order your copy now and instantly receive FREE audios

Here's how it works…
Order your copy of Your Voice Is Your Calling Card and get instant access to my two audios that I prepared especially for you to help you get even better results. You MAY even be able to claim some of 40 free bonuses remaining from the launch in June (details coming up).

But that’s not all…

By ordering this book you will not only do yourself a huge favor – you will make a difference and impact your world straight away!

A percentage of all book sales is donated by Morgan James Publishing to Habitat for Humanity - a nonprofit housing organization. Habitat for Humanity seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world, and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action. make a bold step forward - AND THIS IS THE PERFECT CHANCE!

This book will transform your ability to express yourself freely, communicate more powerfully, eliminate fear - and take your speaking and presentation skills to a whole new level. Every time you read it you will find something new to take away, contemplate and integrate into your life to make it better than ever before.

This is a must-read for anyone who is ready to be a powerful voice and share their wisdom, knowledge, love and vision with the world and impact lives.

If you are serious about impacting your world and achieving wonderful results, success and fulfillment, then now is the time for you to make an investment that will guarantee a hugely beneficial return!

Your Voice Is Your Calling Card goes far beyond your typical speaker and performance training.
It teaches you from the inside out and reveals proven methods to connect and communicate heart to heart. And it’s about building confidence – the kind of confidence that allows you to speak in you own unique and authentic voice at any time.

Wouldn't you love to always speak with JOY, EASE and CONVICTION?!

I will take you by the hand and guide you through the entire process. When you’re done, your physical voice will be TRANSFORMED and your "little voice", the powerful, true voice inside of you, will speak louder and clearer than ever before - guaranteed!

Order your copy now and instantly receive FREE audios

As you can see, you will not only make a great investment for yourself getting this powerful new book – you will also receive almost TWO HOURS worth of audio to help you learn and grow faster AND you will be supporting a very deserving cause, Habitat for Humanity.
That’s a lot of value for only $ 16.47!
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

When you order you will see an invoice with an online order number in the upper left hand corner.
This number is also shown on the online confirmation page at the end of the order process.
Furthermore, you will receive an email confirmation message from containing the number.
You will need the order number to receive your bonuses (the audios + any other bonuses that may be left over/still availbale from the launch on June 9, 2009).

Once you have the number, come back to this page and fill in your name, email AND the order number in the form at the bottom of the page to receive your free bonuses.

A great book offering profound insights into the co-relation between Body, Mind, Spirit, and Voice - teaching you how to transform limitations into positive energy and become a masterful and inspiring speaker and communicator who speaks from the heart to the hearts of others.

An opportunity to learn about the hidden potential of both your physical voice and YOUR voice as in who you are, what your life purpose is, and how to communicate that clearly and powerfully to the world, so that you can make a difference and impact lives. Also learn powerful techniques that will boost your confidence, transform the way you connect with people, and take your life and business to new heights. This book is sure to delight you with powerful insights and tools to learn, grow and reach your goals faster and more joyfully.

Approximately two hours worth of audio to support your learning process including an amazing tool for instant relaxation and focus.

You MAY even get more than that (see below)

This book launched on JUNE 9, 2009. The initiate launch offer including over 40 free bonuses. This offer no longer applies - we can offer no guaranties or compensation on behalf on any partner. However, some of the bonuses MAY still be available for download. The Suzann Rye Audio Bonuses will remain available indefinitely. Fill in for at the bottom of this page.

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Suzann Rye
Jumpstart your Progress - Special Calling Card Bonuses

Bonus #1 will really help you get a jump start with your voice skills.
Sometimes training your voice on your own can be challenging. What exactly do you do, where do you start—and how can you be sure that you’re doing the right thing?

In my book you will get a very comprehensive voice training program. Still, even though the exercises are explained very thoroughly, sometimes it can be confusing and hard to recognize right from wrong.
For the ultimate voice training experience, download this voice training audio that I created to go with the exercises in the book. Listening to the exercises will make it much easier for you to recognize the sounds and tell the difference between right and wrong. Use the audio and book together when working on your voice and you will see amazing results in no time!

Bonus #2 is a relaxation audio. This guided exercise is designed to put you into an instant state of calm, control, and excellence, and it will help you prepare for any performance. Whether I am singing or speaking, I always use this exercise myself before going on stage. It is simply referred to in the book as Quick Performance Prep. I also call it "Excellent Performance"! It is simple yet extremely powerful. CLICK HERE  
Cari LaGrange Murphy
Inspirational and Spiritual Author, Founder and CEO of Empowerment Coaching Solutions, and an Empowerment Mentor Worldwide
Value: $ 37.00 Benefits: Priceless

Cari is dedicated to spiritual improvement and purposeful living through her consistently inspirational messages of individual empowerment. She encourages personal responsibility for our choices. This involves not only acknowledging and embracing the power of our thoughts and feelings, but also living courageously by making wise decisions that reflect our truest spiritual desires and dreams. Cari inspires her readers and clients to expand the horizons of their imaginations, unleash their greatest potential, and create pathways to unlimited abundance!  
Anita Pathik Law
Open Your Voice and Energy Clearing Hypnotic Meditation
Value: $ 40

The Public Speaking Hypnosis will help you overcome fears of public speaking and The Energy Clearing hypnotic meditation walks you through powerful breathing sequences and visualizations that harmonize and clear your chakras and bring an overall feeling of balance, peace and harmony to your mind, body and spirit.  
Dr. Joe Rubino
7 Steps to Soaring Self Esteem audio and Success Club Membership
Value: $ 129

7 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem Audio and Membership to The Success Achievers’ Club by Dr. Joe Rubino

Dr. Joe Rubino, CEO of is the best-selling author of “The Self-Esteem Book: The Ultimate Guide to Boost the Most Underrated Ingredient for Success and Happiness in Life” and the creator of the life-changing Millions worldwide have benefited from his books, audios, coaching, trainings, and courses.

Download the “7 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem Audio” and sign up to receive a complimentary Success Achievers’ Club Membership and get ready to create soaring self-esteem as you manifest wealth, abundance, happiness, rich relationships and your dream life. ($129 Value)  
Lorraine Cohen
Overcome Barriers to your Success & Happiness
Value: $ 64

Bonus #1: Audio Interview with show host, Vicki Kunkel, Inside Out: Counterintuitive Insights on Business and Politics. In this lively 24 minute interview you'll learn insights and tips on Getting Unstuck from guest expert, Lorraine Cohen, Life Coach, Speaker & Radio host (Value $15)

Bonus #2: Audio recording with radio host Lorraine Cohen: Powerfull Living Radio. In this 48 -minute interview with fear busting expert Lorraine talks with guest Anita Pathik Law about strategies and tips to being Fearless (Value $20)

Bonus #3: Powerfull Living Newsletter, a monthly ezine with articles, tips, and resources to help you achieve incredible business and personal success.
Subscription includes an instant download to receive the special report - 5 Secrets to Attracting Everything You Want. You may also subscribe to the free eCourse Transform Your Fear - Keys to turning MOUNTAINS into mole hills! (Value $29).  
Jesus Nebot
Love Empowerment ebook and teleseminar series.

Value: $ 120

"Embracing the Power of Love" is an eBook by award winning speaker and transformational coach Jesus Nebot that will assist you to tap into your Love Essence within from which you can manifest all of your Heart's desires. You will also receive 6 recordings from the Love Empowerment Teleseminar Series where Jesus interviews other acclaimed life coaches that will help you discover your highest purpose in life and as a speaker so you can unleash the passion that will make you truly prosperous.  
Lynn Rose
Your Defining Moment Visioning Process
Value : $ 77

Call your future life into your NOW! This powerful process has you connect with the core of who you are and what you want & guides you to your defining moment where you are being who you really are, living the life you want, right in the middle of one of your dreams, then has you step into that NOW powerfully. AWESOME! This Bonus Power Package also includes Lynn's EMPOWERING song on MP3 for you, "Stand Up"  
Sandra Zimmer
It's Your Time to Shine!

Bonus # 1: PDF of Chapter 1 of Sandra’s new book - It’s Your Time to Shine: How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking, Develop Authentic Presence and Speak from Your Heart.

Chapter 1 introduces you to Sandra’s proven method to transform stage fright and fear of public speaking into authentic presence. Sandra explains how you "go into your head" when you become the center of attention and loose your sense of presence. She shares the secret of releasing stage fright and fear of public speaking so that you can feel free to share your real thoughts, feelings, insights and expertise. She also defines authenticity and encourages you to make it your goal for speaking. By claiming your sensitivity and using it to your benefit, you can become an authentic speaker, touching others on a deeper level by speaking from your heart.

Bonus # 2: Speaking From the Heart - 2 Hours of Audio.
These live recordings introduce you to Sandra Zimmer's breakthrough method to release stage fright and develop a style of speaking based on being authentic rather than trying to be perfect. They were recorded live in an actual opening session of "Speaking from the Heart" led by Sandra Zimmer. Listen as seven participants begin their journey to transform stage fright and develop the power of presence. Learn what causes stage fright, how to release it, how to develop presence and grounding. Sandra’s grounding meditation to help release anxiety and develop presence is included.  
David L Hancock
The Goals of The Entrepreneurial Author
Value: $ 97

Authors of the twentieth century were motivated by a slightly different version of the American Dream. In place of a house, a job, and financial security, they sought fortune, security, expansion and power. But that journey was characterized by workaholism, sacrifice, and greed.

The author of the twenty-first century will be more of a guerrilla—one who thrives on the nontraditional, does the unconventional if the conventional is nonsensical, and knows that working in the new millennium requires rethinking the nature of being a successful entrepreneurial author.

NOTE: must register as a guest to access the bonus. 
Marsh Engle
Unleash the Power of Your Expertise TeleSeminar
Value: $ 97

As a Feminine Entrepreneur and Business Owner, more than ever before it is absolutely vital that we find pristine clarity about what we wish to create, define our target consumer market and consciously communicate in a language that will attract, engage and give us the results we want.
That’s why I've developed a system that helps you do exactly that.
You'll get a live audio that’s jam packed with the exact strategies I’ve shared with my clients to help them gain spectacular clarity and dynamic results!  
Jayne Moffitt
Letting Spirit Lead: The Unstoppable Journey to Success (eBook version)
Value: $ 12.97

Empowering your inner sprit to lead you is your innate and divine right and can truly be interpreted only by you. Letting Spirit Lead takes you on a journey of self-discovery and where you gain access to the only resource you will ever need in order to be, do, have, and give everything that's inside of you! May your passion be sparked, your potential renewed and your purpose strengthened. An expanded version of the e-book that includes journaling exercises, and much more!  
Special Gifts From 12 World Famous Authors

Value: $ 750

Discover secrets to joy, happiness and wealth by some of the World's Most Famous Authors including... Janet Atwood's Take Your Passion Test E-Book; RL Vanwaldick's MP3 Secret to Why the Law of Attraction works 100%; Napleon Hill's E-Book Think & Grow Rich; Peggy McColl 21 Distinctions of Wealth E-book; interview with Wayne Dyer on his Passion Secrets and Morgana Rae's Attracting Prosperity. Learn the truths of joy that will set you free.  
Special Bonus From Life University!

Clear Your Past, Create Your Future in 3 Incredible Days
Receive a Ticket for yourself and guest passes for all your friends
and family to The BIG Weekend by Life University
Value: $ 198

At The BIG Weekend you will...
Uncover and remove what has been holding you back. Retrain the way you think and react. Learn to break through any obstacle. Commit to the ultimate you.

Led by world-class trainers, in a safe, secure environment, you will transform the 4 critical aspects of your life; Love & Relationships, Money & Business, Health & Vitality and your inner Power & Purpose.

The BIG Weekend is a fresh and innovative program unlike anything you have ever experienced. By the end of The BIG Weekend, you will be unbreakable.

Danny W. Pettry
Magical Spellbinding Quotes for Motivation
Value: $ 7.64

Can you imagine how inspired you would be if you were surrounded by the world's most motivational people? Wouldn't it be amazing to hear their messages of hope and inspiration daily? As you read each of these magical, motivational, and spellbinding quotes, you'll find yourself in a hypnotic trance. Reading these quotes will put a spell on you. You'll wake up ready to succeed. Feel the smile of happiness and satisfaction on your face as you visualize yourself succeeding in your life. Abracadabra and hocus-pocus - make your dreams come true too! Best of luck in all of your ventures!  
Samantha Etkin
The Top 501 Inspirational Quotes of All Time
Value: $ 14

100 WORD DESCRIPTION OF GIFT: I know what you are thinking. Yet another Inspirational Quote resource. This ebook is ABSOLUTELY different. We started with a list of over 10,000 Inspirational Quotes. We ranked this complete list in order based on a
UNIQUE Point System.

Over 5 Million websites were searched to determine how frequently each quote came up on the internet. Each time a quote was found on a separate website, it received a point. This book contains the 501 most popular Inspirational Quotes on the web.  
Alan B. Densky
Hypnotherapy Power Relaxation MP3
Value: $ 29.00

As you sit back and close your eyes, you'll feel the stress and anxiety literally melt from your mind and body as you sink into a peaceful state of bliss.

You will love this download. It has traditional post-hypnotic suggestions that produce peace & relaxation.  
Terri Giosia
Reflections and Gratitude.
Value: $ 49.99

A cornucopia of thoughts to ponder and coaching exercises that will enlighten,
inspire and motivate you towards your wellbeing and the ability to live your authentic self!  
Mark Cravens
Free Risk Exposure Quiz to a con artist.

Value: $ 39.95

Simple 10 question test could save you and your loved ones from being scammed by a con artist!  
Susan Levin
The Biz of Speaking MP3
Value: $ 29

Learn the ins and outs of the world of speaking from expert Susan Levin owner of Speaker Services since 1992.  
Jennifer McLean
Two Audio Products That Help You Prepare for 2012…

Audios by Jennifer McLean, healer, author of The Big Book of YOU and one of the contributing authors to Joe Vitale’s bestselling book The Key.

Soul Song of 2009 is a channeled melody that includes a deep meditation guiding you to the internal obstacles to your dreams helps you to find your gifts for 2009. This annual soul song helps your clear and prepare for the changes and the new rhythms that shows up in your life. The second audio from Healing With The Masters – The Daily Work healing program, Jennifer walks you through about half a dozen techniques you can use each day to help release old beliefs and to more align with what you want and the rhythms of your life  
Jody Gabourie
Your Marketing Mindset: Helping or Hurting You?
Value: $ 37

Do you know that your attitude towards marketing can actually hinder your business' success?
Find out if you are sabotaging your profits and what you can do about it!
The information and action exercises in this ebook will help you uncover your marketing mindset and determine if it is hurting or helping you.
Once you work through this ebook, do the action exercises and complete the Your Action section, you’ll have a list of actions you can immediately adopt to start you on the path to successfully selling and marketing your services!  
Nikki Leigh
Insider's Guide to Virtual Blog Tours
Value: $ 39

Nikki Leigh, Award Winning Fiction and Non Fiction Author
What are the benefits of doing a blog tour?
Should you promote your book in a blog tour?
Should fiction and non fiction books be promoted differently in a blog tour?
Should you organize your own blog tour?
Why hire a publicist to organize your tour?
If you hire a publicist, will you still need to work on the tour?
Can you use a blog tour to promote anything besides books?  
Masha Malka
Discover Your Inborn Genius E-book

Value: $ 11.95

In today's age of information overload, knowing how and where to find the right information as well as process that information quickly is what gives people the leading edge.
The essential skill of today and the future is learning how to learn. It is this key ability that makes everything else possible for you for the rest of your life!
Use and apply the strategies you'll learn in Discover Your Inborn Genius to build a better life for you and those you love.

To sustain your success, you will also receive a highly acclaimed The One Minute Coach e-program by Masha Malka.  
Joan Schaefer, RN, BSN
Hilton Johnson Productions, Inc.
Free Teleclass on Health Coaching

Joan Schaefer, RN, has over 36 years of nursing experience with the last 19 years in preventive health and she also is a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist. She has joined with Hilton Johnson Productions,
a leading company in coach training throughout the world, to promote a Health Coach Training Program.
"Health Coaching is one of the most exciting and unique business ventures. This business is soon going to be as popular as personal trainers are today and can make a real difference in helping people achieve their health and wellness goals".

On this free 90-minute recorded teleclass you will experience the Health and Wellness Wheel Exercise used in a actual Health Coaching session, learn how you can become a Professional Health Coach working over the internet and telephone, and see a web-tour of the Virtual Coaching Office that helps easily manage hundreds of clients at a time.
Health Coaching is now the fastest growing niche market in all of coaching.  
Joyce Jackson
Keeping Kids Safe
Value : $ 24.95

Online safety in the internet age for busy parents! Quick, instant tips no matter if they TEXT, FLIX, IM or PIX.  
Aprille Janes
Passion, Purpose and Values

Value: $ 20

Without knowing our Big Why, our days become nothing more than a slog through a dry, arid place. You can do it but it’s a push. Wouldn’t you rather be pulled along by joy?
You create that pull by making a core connection to your passion, purpose and values. Understanding what is uniquely important to you is the first step to living a fulfilled life. Aprille Janes, Bold Life coach and inspirational speaker helps you make that connection through her e-book “Passion, Purpose and Values”. Get your free download today. It’s the first step towards claiming your boldest dreams.  
Roger N. Quevillon
Inspirational Video
Value: Priceless

From delivering parcels...To delivering spiritual guidance...
Roger N. Quevillon is a Holistic Life Coach. He simply wants to share this wonderful message from Stephen Covey. Yes, it is unusual to share someone else’s message, but you will soon understand why?

Did You Know, if You Watch And Listen Carefully, You will …
Seek Truth
Find Wisdom
See Journey

Blessings & Peace Be With You, Roger N. Quevillon, M.MSC.  
Jack Hatfield
Chapter 36 of new book and Bonus Video!
Value: $ 100.00

You get Chapter 36 of Bestselling Author Jack's upcoming new book, Natural Success Principles. You will also recieve the opportunity to get the video of Jack talking about that particular mindset discussed in that Chapter.  
Selma Santos
Dream Believe Inspire International Club - 6 Month Free Membership
Value: $ 210

If You have been looking for a place where You can get inspiration to improve the quality of the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial life of the Youth around You, than You may stop looking. You just found it! Dream Believe Inspire International Club, online version, where You and the Children and Young Adults in your life are Honored!  
Gail Foley
30-Minute Coaching on Relationship Marketing
Value: $ 220 what your clients hear when you don’t stay in touch...unless, of course, your competition is talking to them. Learn a simple, cost effective, way to break that silence and keep your clients remembering you and referring you.  
Judy Nelson
Leading The Way To Success E-Book
Value: $ 9.95

Judy Nelson is joined by Dr. Warren Bennis, Jack Canfield, and James Kouzes and other well known authors and speakers, each offering time-tested strategies for leadership success in frank and intimate interviews in this e-book.  
Carla Rabb DeRosa
mp3 recording of Permission to Use Your Gifts
Value: $ 9.99

10 min recording of an except of Carla Rabb DeRosa’s forthcoming book entitled, Enterprise Your Passions! The recording is called; Permission to Use Your Gifts.  
Michael Nicholas
eBook, Being The Effective Leader by Michael Nicholas
Value: $ 27

This book provides a practical guide to enable you to unlock your full leadership capabilities. It reveals proven success principles, explains why many leadership strategies fail, and clearly lays out how, with the right approach, anyone can become that most effective of leaders: someone who creates leaders around them.

Michael Nicholas is a specialist in leadership and team development. In this book he will not only help you to become more effective and influential but also to gain more fulfillment in the process. A must for anyone who’s success depends on their relationships with others.  
Rena M. Reese
Free Intro and first 2 chapters of The Soul Salon

Just as your physical body benefits from a massage or facial, your soul benefits from some nurturing treatments as well. This metaphor is embodied in the pages of The Soul Salon. After all it is undeniable that the condition of your spirit directly impacts your emotional, mental and physical health. Your spirit may be hungry and sending you signals to feed it. The Soul Salon will guide you in hearing these messages and then in intentionally nourishing your spirit with what it needs to thrive. High Vibrations are our greatest defense when it comes to dis-ease, dis-satisfaction or any other dis. Whether you are healing from a physical challenge or an emotional wound, seeking your life purpose or a greater level of happiness, The Soul Salon is a priceless tool for you. Here you will find inspiring stories, mental and written exercises and abundant spiritual concepts for you to create both your spiritual and physical revival!  
Margaret Jankowsky
If people are people wherever they go, why do they do things the way they do them, not the way we do?

Value: $ 209

Speakers know how to speak. They speak so that others can get their message and act on it.
What happens when you step outside your own cultural framework? Can you get your message across in a foreign culture? Do you need to adjust the way you give your presentation? Here are ten easy-to-follow tips to help you to be a hit wherever you go in the world.  
Jackie Lapin
Beyond The Law Of Attraction: How Conscious Creation Can Help You Create The Blueprint For Your Future.
Value: $ 32

If you’ve heard about the Law of Attraction, you’re only a tenth of the way there.

In order to truly take charge of your future, you must begin pro-actively Consciously Creating Your Life—marshalling all of your intent, your energy, your creative visionary skills and your power of creation to manifest the future you choose to live. You can leave it to chance and see what life deals you, or you can go forward with a vision—a plan--and the positive high frequency energy that you have the power to radiate. Are you ready to tip the odds in your favor?

This powerful eBook explains the science that proves that going from vision to reality is more than just myth. And then offers five steps to get you started!  
Lucy Beal, M.S., N.C.C.
Marriage Under Construction Teleseminar & 6-Month FREE Coaching Bonus
Value : $995.00

Lucy Beal, M.S., „America’s Optimism Coach,“ Author, Speaker, National Certified Counselor, and Founder of The „Optimistic Hearts of America Campaign“ is offering TWO POWERFUL BONUS GIFTS:

* BONUS #1: Join Lucy Beal, author of the new book, „Marriage Under Construction,“ for this FREE Teleseminar: „In The (Construction) Safety Zone: Key Tools For Re-Building The Foundation of Your Struggling Marriage“ (Value: $97)

* BONUS #2: Registration in the drawing to receive SIX MONTHS OF FREE COACHING from your „Marriage Under Construction“ Coach (Value $898)  
ReGina Norlinde
A Free Audio Teleseminar
10 secrets to Embrace Ourselves For Who We Are and A Free Audio TeleSeminar Recording with Author, Radio Host, "Embrace your Uniqueness" coach, ReGina Norlinde.

With client basis in 19 countries, many of them who joined this call, this Audio Recording is now available to you.
Based on her book "The Power of Being Different – Embrace Your Uniqueness" ReGina shares insights and action steps to be taken in remembering who we are, embracing our true selves, following our heart and living the life we desire no matter what situations we are in. ReGina reveals key secrets for becoming friends with ourselves on the deepest level possible, to bring out the best we are here to do. 
Cherie Beckmann
Nature's Healing Oils - A Special Report
Value: $ 50

Therapeutic-grade essential oils are the creator's gift to us to elevate our human experience. Learn what, exactly, essential oils are and how they work. Learn how to use them to heal your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Find out why therapeutic-grade oils are the only oils that heal. Raise your health, abundance, and happiness with these pure, sacred, and delicious essential oils. 
Real Coaching Radio Network
Get Your 15 minutes of Fame on Real Coaching Radio Network!

We are offering our entire multi-media studio facilities with production staff a $250.00 value for the first 16 people making their request.
Additionally, we will book you on one of Suzann Rye's four weekly shows on Real Coaching Radio Network for 15 minutes, which will include voice coaching by Suzann Rye Live on the Air!

Real Coaching Radio Network is a social broadcasting network putting a new spin on coaching and personal development through interactive multi-media social broadcasting. It features prominent coaches & entrepreneurs from around the world in seven different disciplines essential for life balance.
Channels include: Health, Finances, Relationships, Personal Growth, Environment, Career and Spirituality.
You can Call in, Chat and be on Cam. Enjoy a wide variety of high-quality interactive audio and multimedia programming produced in the RCRN Studios. All shows have fresh, new content added every week. Listen live or on your schedule via the archives. Most shows are also syndicated and simulcasted live to many Internet Radio Networks such as BlogTv, Stickam, NowLive and others.  

Order your copy now and instantly receive FREE audios

P.S Please don't fall into the trap of thinking this is "yet another" book on public speaking – it is NOT! Your Voice Is Your Calling Card will help you transform from the inside out. You will become more confident, and learn how to be more authentic, powerful, and inspiring as a communicator. It also gives great insights into the voice, how to use your voice properly and avoid fatigue and wear etc. It is complete guidebook - Body, Mind, Soul and Voice! There are countless of excellent books available on public speaking from a technical standpoint - this is not one of them. Your Voice Is Your Calling Card covers all aspects of YOU as a speaker and communicator.

To order, just follow these two easy steps:
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