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Bonus Description

Jumpstart your Progress - Special Calling Card Bonuses

Bonus # 1
will really help you get a jump start with your voice skills. Sometimes training your voice on your own can be challenging. What exactly do you do, where do you start—and how can you be sure that you’re doing the right thing?
In my book you will get a very comprehensive voice training program. Still, even though the exercises are explained very thoroughly, sometimes it can be confusing and hard to recognize right from wrong.
For the ultimate voice training experience, download this voice training audio that I created to go with the exercises in the book. Listening to the exercises will make it much easier for you to recognize the sounds and tell the difference between right and wrong. This exercise audio is the perfect tool for fast and easy progress. Use it to become even more masterful at using your voice effectively and to become an even more exciting and dynamic communicator. Make learning a breeze!
It will take you through all the exercises from the book. Use the audio and book together when working on your voice and you will see amazing results in no time!

Bonus # 2 is a relaxation audio.This guided exercise is designed to put you into an instant state of calm, control, and excellence, and it will help you prepare for any performance. Whether I am singing or speaking, I always use this exercise myself before going on stage.
It is simply referred to in the book as Quick Performance Prep. It is simple yet extremely powerful.